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UK-based CyberSmart makes waves in SME cybersecurity market
CyberSmart , a category leader in simple and accessible automated cybersecurity technology for small- and medium-sized enterprises ( SMEs ), has announced a record year of growth , marked by a large funding round , headcount and customer growth as well as geographical market expansion .
In addition to completing its Series B funding round in January 2023 with £ 12.75 million , the company ’ s revenue has grown by 110 % from £ 2 million ARR to £ 4.2 million ARR in the last financial year , expanded its customer base by an additional 1,000 customers across various verticals such as healthcare , retail , education , as well as construction and recruited extensively from a team of 40 to 60 employees .
This includes the appointment of Vicky Cartwright as Director of Marketing ( formerly with Kaspersky ) and Mike Aspinall as CFO ( formerly with Exonar , Questionmark and Parity Group ). With its expansion into Ireland , and more recently , Australia and New Zealand , CyberSmart shows no signs of slowing down in its mission to make robust cybersecurity
attainable to SMEs worldwide .
Partnership to bring best-in-class cloud expertise to early-stage FinTech and InsurTech start-ups
DoiT International ( DoiT ), a global provider of cloud technology and consulting services , and Tenity ( formerly known as F10 ), a global innovation ecosystem and earlystage investor for the financial industry , with hubs in Switzerland , Singapore , Nordics & Baltics and Spain , are forging a partnership to enable accelerated growth for Tenity ’ s portfolio companies .
Through this partnership , DoiT will become one of Tenity ’ s trusted cloud partners , providing Tenity ’ s incubated start-ups , both current and alumni , with round- the-clock access to best-in-class cloud technology and services on Amazon Web Services ( AWS ), Google Cloud Platform ( GCP ) and Microsoft Azure .
Tenity is a start-up incubator and accelerator with a focus on FinTech and InsurTech start-ups across Europe and Asia . Since its inception in 2015 , more than 250 early and growth stage start-ups have participated in its programmes , with alumni including names such as Relio , Oper , Stableton , Vestr , Yokoy and Keyrock .
Almost 80 % of UK businesses pay men more than women
Eight out of ten UK businesses pay men more than women , with a national wage difference of 9.4 %, according to research conducted by the BBC .
The wage difference , based on the difference in pay between the middle-ranking woman and the middle-ranking man , remains the same level as five years ago , at almost 10 %, despite the many efforts to promote gender equality in the business sphere .
The largest difference surfaced from the banking and finance industries , where women earn on average 22 % less than their male colleagues and only saw the gap lessen by 0.5 % over the past five years .
The data comes from 13,992 employers publishing their gender pay gap figures online in a government initiative to make companies more transparent around pay .
Major corporations , such as easyJet , Lloyds Bank and Savills , were identified as the main culprits for the difference as they appeared to set unambitious targets for getting women into senior positions .
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