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LawBite partners with Cashplus Bank to offer small businesses legal services and advice
Funding Circle and Sage partner to streamline financing for small businesses
LawBite , a digital legal service platform transforming access to legal advice , has partnered with leading FinTech , Cashplus , to offer the digital bank ’ s small business customers easy access to a suite of legal services and guidance .
UK SMEs encounter , on average , eight legal issues per year and lose up to £ 13 billion by not addressing them effectively .
By using the LawBite platform , Cashplus ’ customers will have access to legal advice on all aspects of running and operating a company .
The platforms ’ shared ethos of simplicity and streamlined interfaces represent the
future of professional services for time-pressed small business owners .
This partnership will also provide access to a team of business law specialists , on hand to provide customised legal advice to help owners solve business problems .
This will include advice on employment contracts , commercial agreements and corporate governance – all available in a cost-effective and transparent way .
One of the UK ’ s largest small business lending platforms , Funding Circle , has announced its partnership with Sage , a leader in accounting , financial , HR and payroll technology for small- and mid-sized businesses ( SMBs ). The collaboration makes it simpler for small businesses to secure funding .
With the integration of Sage Accounting and Funding Circle ’ s API , customers which are limited companies will now be able to apply for loans and manage their cash flow easily , with quick and efficient loan application processing and decisions made in minutes .
Initially launching in the UK , small businesses using Sage
Accounting software will be able to apply for business loans ranging from £ 10,000 to £ 500,000 , with the option to repay the loan over a period of six months to six years . They will also have access to Funding Circle ’ s new product , FlexiPay , which is an interestfree line of credit that helps small businesses manage their cash flow .
Tide becomes first FinTech in the world to remove 100 % of emissions
Tide , a leading digital business financial platform , has raised the bar in terms of climate action by becoming the first FinTech in the world to remove 100 % of its emissions with durable carbon removal as of last year . The business has also committed to becoming fully net zero by 2030 and to support its UK members ( around 9 % of UK SMEs ) and growing network of Indian SMEs on their net zero journeys .
Tide has made three pledges :
• Pledge 1 : Tide commits to removing 100 % of its emissions with durable carbon removal from 2022 onwards .
• Pledge 2 : Tide will reduce 90 % of its 2021 emissions per employee by 2030 . In doing so , it will reduce emissions by 97 % on a revenue basis . Pledges 1 and 2 will make Tide fully net zero by 2030 .
• Pledge 3 : Tide commits to making net zero simpler for its Members by developing support for them to get to net zero .
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