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DOWNLOADS . materials more than double – jumping from two minutes to four minutes 42 seconds – as a result of our ability to personalise them . Similarly , we saw bounce rates more than halve , while sign-ups for demos and reader numbers have also increased the more the team has refined our strategy and design with Turtl .
Can you tell me more about how Turtl provides in-depth analytics ?
Turtl ’ s analytics give our team detailed visibility on exactly how each document is being used , how long people read it for , which videos and links readers are clicking on and how they respond to our polls . We share our documents via email and make them publicly available on the website , and the Turtl platform lets us glean full analytic data from all of our users . We build these overall trends and information garnered from known users to support our teams ' understanding of our market and our prospects . This data-driven approach significantly helps us with ensuring the accuracy and relevance of our outreach .
Which content did you find was getting the most interaction and how much did this change your content creation ?
Recently , we have seen particularly strong interaction with embedded videos and other resource downloads . The reaction to these forms of content has allowed us to consider other ways we can repurpose and repackage our existing quality content into interactive Turtl Docs to continue to drive increased engagement .
The Community Brands team has also created a number of resource libraries containing our case studies , infographics and webinar recordings , which all offer significant benefits to our readers . This reorganisation of our content has been a serious piece of work but now offers the huge advantage to our readers that everything is searchable in one place ! It has also greatly extended the shelf life of our content , allowing us to update content in real-time , atomise it and repurpose it to suit our needs at any given moment .
In which other areas do you think more personalised Turtl documents will help ?
Personalisation on the Turtl platform allows businesses to build levelled-up content in seconds . This time efficiency , coupled with the dynamic look and feel of a Turtl document allows us to present our brand in the way we want to be seen .
Additionally , personalisation catered to the user ’ s experience – in the form of popup quizzes – gives them a fun , interactive first moment with our materials that offers significantly greater engagement than simply downloading a PDF can do . And within moments , the user gets the information that is most relevant to them – rather than a bunch of content they don ' t need .
How has Turtl ’ s native Hubspot helped ?
Turtl ’ s native Hubspot has granted us detailed insights into individual behaviours . This has allowed us to gauge our non-profit and school users ’ preferences by seeing what they have read or clicked on . This allows our team to better understand what is most interesting to them . That gives our teams a far better understanding of their motivations than was previously possible . The result of this is more genuine relationships and the ability for us to give our non-profit and school users a far improved buying experience . �
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