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Steve Greanias , General Manager , Community Brands

APPROACH SIGNIFICANTLY HELPS US WITH ENSURING THE ACCURACY AND RELEVANCE OF OUR OUTREACH . created with Turtl . There ' s been a decrease in statistic-heavy reports and an increase in creative thought leadership or helpful content directories . That ' s mostly due to the in-depth analytics tool tracking all their output which anyone can access .
Everyone across Community Brands has the same information at their disposal which helps with making decisions and giving feedback . Someone doesn ' t have to be a creator to see the results of content , and Nothnagel finds that sales teams will check who has read marketing materials and to what extent before and after calls .
Nothnagel also mentioned how it takes a lot of time and effort to pull resources together . She said : " We hoped adding assets into a series had the potential to make it all reach more people and get more attention . And by sending out a collated library of potential resources to prospect lists , we got more people to take a bite than they ever did with individual assets . It works ! It ' s a great way to continue capturing prospects ."
Getting gritty to give docs a longer shelf life
Digital documents still take some time , planning and resources to bring to fruition , but they also come with a longer shelf-life . The online hosted media can be easily shared , updated in realtime , atomised for distribution and automatically distinguishes between pages for pointing readers to specific moments .
Whether the Community Brands team is promoting a short fundraising guide or a lengthy inspiration filled e-book , being able to direct readers to specific pages is Nothnagel ' s favourite aspect of Turtl Docs .
Personalising with Turtl
Demos can be overwhelming , people get distracted or they just forget to ask a question . After anyone in the sales team does a demo of GiveSmart ( a platform which engages donors ), they send a personalised Post-Demo Turtl Doc to the organisation containing an overview of everything a prospect needs .
Community Brands knows that the way a buyer journey goes with non-profits is that often you aren ' t presenting to the actual decision-makers . It may need to go to a board of directors for approvals . Or it needs to be seen by executive leadership who are looking at multiple solutions , and you want yours to stand out . The personalised Post-Demo Turtl Doc can be shared ( and tracked ) to decisionmakers and enables prospects to give a tailored presentation to anyone after only attending one demo .
So what now ?
• DEEPER PERSONALISATION : Given the success of its GiveSmart Post-Demo Turtl Doc , the team would like to try and make some more personalised Turtl Docs to see where else the format could help their metrics .
• MORE RESOURCE LIBRARIES : Another brilliant success has been content that collates all other assets like events , graphics and statistics . There is a lot of potential in continuing to use Turtl Docs as an accessible library for its online community of prospects and customers .
• SMARTER INTEGRATIONS : Nothnagel currently uses Turtl ' s native HubSpot integration for form building and known reader tracking , but is curious to integrate further for automation , asset analysis and management of Turtl Docs .
Steve Greanias , General Manager , Community Brands , spoke to Intelligent SME . tech about how Turtl has changed the way they work .
How did Turtl docs justify your team ’ s growth ?
Turtl has supported our sales teams in providing quality follow-ups , and it supports our marketing team in their efforts to build greater engagement with our target audiences . Community Brands works with a number of non-profit organisations , helping them to create high-quality , on-brand fundraising materials . Before partnering with Turtl , this content creation work was often time-consuming and provided essentially no analytic data for us or our partners to use as part of their strategy .
As a result of our work with Turtl , we ' ve been able to justify our team ’ s growth through the use of detailed performance data . We have seen the average read time of our
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