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Managed endpoint detection and response solution , Huntress , has launched in Australia and New Zealand with an eye on servicing small and medium enterprises ( SMEs ) through the Managed Service Provider ( MSP ) channel .

Founded by former NSA cyber operators and backed by ThreatOps researchers , Huntress empowers MSPs to easily deploy managed endpoint detection and response ( EDR ) solutions .
With a large investment in on-shore threat hunting and product support personnel , the Huntress ANZ team is led by Regional Director , Reece Appleton , formerly of Datto .
“ Cybersecurity in Australia isn ’ t just an enterprise problem anymore . The Australian Cyber Security Centre ( ACSC ) suggests 43 % of all cybercrime in Australia is directed towards SMEs . Malicious actors are targeting these businesses because they know they are under-protected and can be resistant to cybersecurity change ,” Appleton said .
“ A lot of those SMEs are serviced by the MSP community , who despite being technological leaders , run into a number of challenges when trying to deploy and manage security solutions which have been built for the enterprise .
“ The challenge for MSPs is that most EDRs are too noisy and costly to manage . They typically don ’ t have the security expertise to threat hunt and manage them effectively , let alone the time or capacity to do so . Human security analysts are critical , and outsourcing to a Security Operations Centre ( SOC ) or a MDR product is usually too costly for MSPs to scale ,” Appleton said .
This focus on the MSP community has seen Huntress play key roles in protecting and advising MSPs and vendors in a number of high-profile attacks . Huntress discovered and led the response to Kaseya ’ s VSA supply chain attack in 2021 and has been heavily involved in other incidents such as the supply chain exploitation of SolarWinds Orion , zero-day vulnerabilities found in Microsoft Exchange and most recently , the 3CX exploit .
“ Huntress is well known in the MSP community because of our involvement in high profile incidents like the Kaseya VSA and Solarwinds Orion attacks . Our founders care deeply about the MSP community , which is shared throughout the entire organisation and can be seen in the thought leadership and support we put out into the community ,” Appleton commented .
“ To ensure MSPs and their customers in ANZ can access the cybersecurity expertise and support we ’ re known for , we ’ re investing heavily into local cybersecurity experts , particularly across our ThreatOps , product support and sales engineering teams .
“ Finally , we understand the local market , with decades of MSP and cybersecurity experience across the ANZ team . MSPs want a partner , not just a vendor , so we ’ re putting a lot of effort into cybersecurity education and partner enablement . We know partners want to educate their customers and offer solutions which align to frameworks like the Essential Eight and NIST , so we ’ re building the pathway there .” �
Built from the ground up with SMEs and MSPs in mind , Huntress provides an easy to deploy , low noise EDR solution which is managed 24 / 7 by ThreatOps teams across the UK , US and Australia . With the acquisition of Security Awareness Training solution , Curricula , and new products on its roadmap , Huntress will help MSPs protect its customers with a suite of purpose-built cybersecurity solutions .
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