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knit and personalised working culture . In most SMEs , digital asset management is less stringent than in large-scale corporations that have a robust IT division , becoming prone to a lax sense of security . According to the Mandiant report , only 35 % of respondents said their company has a comprehensive level of understanding about different threat groups and their tactics , techniques and procedures ( TTPs ). A strong security culture ensures employees understand their role in protecting digital assets and are aware of risks . It fosters a proactive approach to cybersecurity , where recognising and reporting threats , following security policies and adopting safe online practices is second nature . This can reduce the likelihood of incidents resulting from human error , negligence or insider threats . It also enhances overall resilience , enabling better adaptation to threats and minimal impact on operations and reputation .
The Role of Leadership
Leadership plays the most critical role in promoting a culture of cyber-risk awareness . Particularly with SMEs which follow a strong ' leading from the top ' attitude , leaders set the tone on approaching cybersecurity , with a proactive , risk-based mindset .
They are responsible for allocating resources , setting priorities and establishing a strategic cybersecurity vision that aligns with business objectives . By supporting continuous security awareness training , they ensure teams are equipped with knowledge and skills to recognise and report threats , adhere to security policies and practise safe online behaviour . This is a crucial consideration , given that 67 % of the survey respondents believe their senior leadership team underestimates the cyberthreat to their organisation . In fact , respondents from the Middle East are most likely to lack faith in their senior leadership ’ s knowledge of cyberthreats ( 68 %).
The importance of cyber-risk management in today ' s business landscape , and in particular to the fast-growing regional SME market , cannot be overstated . To protect financial interests , maintain customer trust and comply with regulatory requirements , businesses must prioritise cybersecurity measures and invest in robust management strategies .
The resulting threat intelligence can be used to anticipate threats before they become a problem and deal with them more effectively . �
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