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// EXPERT PROFILE // programmes support entrepreneurs in accessing business models and product strength , helping find the best path to raise funds and develop propositions necessary for building a sustainable business .

Most recently , the UK Space Agency Accelerator launched its Leo and Geo accelerator programmes , both designed to inspire entrepreneurs in the next stage of growth . These programmes are aimed at entrepreneurs with a proof of concept and who are keen to scale up their business at pace within the UK ’ s burgeoning space industry . Both programmes are designed to support 90 entrepreneurs across three cohorts with a business boost , provided through specialist coaching , networking opportunities and business support . Mid-level programmes like these encourage entrepreneurs within the space sector or those already using space technology , who already have some level of business traction and who have already won commercial customers . Such programmes encourage scale-ups into space by allowing entrepreneurs to deepen their understanding of the sector and use space technology as well as providing guidance and support to develop the ways in which they grow and lead their businesses . Accelerator programmes , such as Geo , target businesses with significant commercial traction in the space sector and are designed to support ambitious entrepreneurs on their journey to becoming stronger leaders . Existing entrepreneurs are encouraged to assess their current framework and spend time on areas that will deliver impact to their business .
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