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OTP token , PIN , fingerprint , voice recognition – and the list goes on .
The combinations of how MFA can be deployed are numerous , but one of the most common use cases includes a password connected to a username , followed by a verification code sent via text message or email . This approach helps ensure that a user is indeed who they say they are , preventing bad actors from accessing sensitive data stored in a shared network , for example .
To further explain the power of MFA , the technology can be used to better protect critical resources for SMBs , such as :
• Databases and applications – Access to databases , including sensitive HR information like payroll , employee records and financial numbers , can be protected using smart cards , security keys , onetime-password ( OTP ) tokens or mobile authenticators as a second verification factor when logging in to those applications .
• Employee-issued computers and mobile devices – With employees working in multiple places using multiple devices ,
MFA can help safeguard these devices at home and in remote offices by adding a second layer of authentication to the traditional password through a security key or smart card .
• Multi-user devices – For organisations that use shared devices , such as a shared workstation , MFA enables those employees to easily and securely log in to shared computers and devices in industries like retail , manufacturing and healthcare .
• Networks and servers – With networks being one of the most targeted areas for cybercriminals , secure VPNs and servers make it easy for users to safely access the resources they need – even when using a public network .
With all of these benefits and protections in mind , one might wonder why more than half of SMBs have yet to implement a cybersecurity policy leveraging MFA .
Barriers to adoption of MFA for small- and medium-sized businesses
Although MFA offers a straightforward solution in reducing risk of cyberattack , most SMBs
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