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// FEATURE // prepared team available on a flexible basis offers protection to small businesses . Using an outsourced team means the founder doesn ’ t need to take full responsibility for customer care or employ and hire someone specifically for the role . Instead , they can enjoy peace of mind that if an enquiry comes in , it will be handled efficiently .

Furthermore , an outsourced team can scale operations , dependent on demand as the business grows . In the early stages of a business , paying for just a few hours a month of service may be appropriate . However , as the business grows , or it experiences a busy period , this won ’ t be enough . With a flexible outsourced team , the company can quickly increase service levels if necessary – saving time and money and protecting brand reputation at all times .
Introducing a tech-enabled system
Tech-enabled customer services can also play a pivotal role in small business operations . Using technology – carefully and appropriately – can
Martin Brown , CCO at FM Outsource critical to small businesses ’ on-going success . Not only to retain customers , but also in attracting new ones .
Outsourcing customer service for flexibility
Early-stage businesses , in particular , may not recognise the necessity or value of having a customer service function . They may have experienced some customer enquiries , but not on a large scale yet . This means too often that small business founders take on the role of customer service agent themselves , creating more tasks for their already lengthy job list . Consequently , the business is unable to give customer service the care and attention it deserves , which is potentially dangerous for business growth and revenue .
An outsourced customer service team can fill this role . Having a highly trained and well-
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