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and retailers need to ensure that they keep the doors firmly locked .
Securing the links between retailers , payment companies and banks is crucial to minimise breaches . If the same cybersecurity processes are running through every department and data touchpoint , critical infrastructure is protected , and this reduces opportunities for hackers to gain access . Unifying CDN , security , analytics , monitoring and deployments in one robust platform helps to mitigate cybersecurity risks , while incremental migration of parts of an application allows teams to test rules behind a dual web application firewall , never leaving a web app exposed to attack in downtime .
Paul McNamara , Senior Solutions Engineer at Edgio
Balancing personalisation , speed and security
a hotbed for cybercriminals over the last 12 months . No business is immune to the threat of these attacks . Research reveals that a staggering one in four ( 26 %) of British SMEs were targeted by ransomware in the past year . It ’ s not just household names that are targets .
Cybersecurity can often be considered as a bottleneck to personalisation and speed , but if you ’ re doing it right it should be an integral part of everything you do – not only to protect business data , but to ensure customer loyalty and brand protection . The key is finding the right balance between personalisation , speed and security . Choosing the right platform , one which addresses all three , is vital in solving this problem . �
Unsophisticated cyberattackers are using more sophisticated tools to steal credit card information and personalisation data , making big gains from small efforts . Although data laws around the world , such as GDPR and CCPA , are working to ensure that data is managed and handled appropriately , this does not eliminate the risk , and the fear of disclosing a breach can often be more of a threat than the fine itself .
Still , cybersecurity is often considered as an afterthought or bolt-on to retail ’ s digital infrastructure . As attacks have become more sophisticated , this can no longer be the case , and upholding the security of business and customer data is a continual process that requires constant attention . For example , when a burglar checks people ’ s doors , they only tend to break into the ones that are easy to access and move on from those that are locked . The same applies to cybersecurity ,
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