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Economic uncertainty may lead to some technology start-ups not spending money on generating intellectual property ( IP ) assets . But Marks & Clerk , one of the world ’ s leading IP firms , says it is important to capture and protect IP to maximise profitability and drive business growth . Robert Lind , Partner at Marks & Clerk , explains how start-ups can protect their IP assets .


HAVE created a challenging environment for technology start-ups that they must confront in order to grow this year . The risk of devaluation could lead founders to attempt to streamline costs by foregoing expenditure on generating intellectual property ( IP ) assets , but such actions are too often taken at the expense of long-term success .
In an effort to help technology start-ups navigate these economic challenges , Marks & Clerk has published an e-book , which can be used by founders as a guide on how to use IP to their advantage from the outset – as a means by which to maximise profitability and drive business growth . With a long track record of working closely with founders and entrepreneurs , Marks & Clerk has put together this resource as a helpful guide that covers every aspect of the process of capturing and protecting IP for technology start-ups .
The temptation to relegate IP assets to the status of an optional extra that might be considered nice-to-have but not essential for business growth during periods of economic uncertainty is a concerning trend that will have a significant impact on the long-term success of many new ventures . Technology start-ups are at particular risk during this challenging economic period but taking action now to increase the value of their enterprises will safeguard founders against the worst impact .
In fact , having IP assets creates a more robust and commercially stable product , but knowing how to go about capturing them in an efficient and cost-effective way is essential . IP assets – particularly registered IP assets including patents and trademarks – have a tangible value that directly correlate to the overall value of a company . And if founders take a sensible approach to pursuing protection , the value gained can and
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