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Building an AI future – the AI-ttainment gap :
Highlighting the imminent need for high- ROI business intelligence , 76 % say ‘ the business landscape is changing faster than ever before ’. To meet this continually shifting landscape head on and deliver valuable insights at scale , 79 % now intend to prioritise their analytics investment above all ‘ other technology ’ in the near future .
By 2027 , businesses see a strong need to deliver AI-generated insights but also face a clear gap between AI automation roadmaps and the foundational pillars needed to deliver :
• AI adoption today : The vast majority of UAE businesses ( 70 %) say fewer than a third of their decisions are automated using AI / ML technology today .
• AI integration tomorrow : By 2027 , 47 % want at least a third of their core business decisions to be driven by AI and automation .
Removing legacy roadblocks and prioritising ROI
Alan Jacobson , Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Alteryx
While AI-based decision-making is undoubtedly the next step in transformation , the research underlines a hamster wheelstyle innovation roadmap – one defined by momentum but lacking progress . The Alteryxcommissioned IDC Infobrief , 4 Ways to Unlock Transformative Business Outcomes from Analytic Investments , highlights the cognitive dissonance separating those who are , and are not , delivering high ROI analytics .
IDC conducted a global study of 1,500 leaders on behalf of Alteryx . IDC developed a framework to identify the organisational behaviours that capture high return on analytics investments .
The research sets out the foundations behind successful analytics programmes – showcasing clear priorities for organisations looking to deliver AI-generated insights by 2027 :
• Democratisation : Three quarters of UAE businesses still rely on manual coding – blocking vital expertise from indepartment experts .
• Upskilling : 82 % do not closely match technology investment with the human upskilling needed to deliver more impactful and timely insights .
• Accessibility : Globally , 82 % of businesses say their data access policies are , at best , only moderately effective – cementing an over-reliance on data science teams and the inability of users to access data / insights .
Alan Jacobson , Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Alteryx , said : “ Future-proofing business using AI-driven insights needs more consideration than simply investing in new technology . The
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