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Tech and R & D investment biggest growth priority for SMEs
BOOST & Co has revealed that business leaders plan to prioritise investment in tech and R & D as the biggest growth focus during the next few months .
The Geared for Growth report , which surveyed 500 UK small business leaders , found that more than a quarter ( 28.8 %) of businesses are planning to focus investment on tech and R & D to improve or expand their business . Bringing in new talent to support expansion was the second highest growth focus , with 24.4 % of business leaders saying that this is a priority .
A focus on tech and R & D was most prominent in businesses in the East of England , London and Yorkshire .
With small businesses in the manufacturing , retail , agriculture and technology sectors placing most emphasis on this as a funding focal point .
86 % of the younger generation prioritise company culture in job search
Breathe , an HR software provider for SMEs has announced the findings of its recent research , deep-diving into the recruitment journey to understand how businesses can attract top candidates in a candidate-led job market .
In conjunction with Opinium Research , a nationwide survey of 1,298 UK workers was conducted , asking them a range of questions about the reality of job searching and the interview process .
The data revealed interesting shifts in mindset among different workforce generations .
Company culture is a top priority when job hunting , particularly among the younger generation of 18 – 34-year-olds , who are more likely to consider this than those aged 55 and over . It also uncovered people are focused on protecting themselves against burnout , with an overwhelming 81 % stating they would not apply for a role that had unrealistic expectations .
Leeds tech start-up becomes founding member of Responsible Computing organisation
Slingshot Simulations , a Leeds-based tech pioneer of Digital Twin Technology , is one of the first organisations to join the Responsible Computing initiative – a consortium designed to innovate technology for sustainable development in infrastructure , code and social impact .
Dell Technologies and the International Business Machines Corporation ( IBM ) were the first primary members of Responsible Computing , alongside Slingshot Simulations .
David McKee , Slingshot Simulations Founder , CEO and CTO , said : “ It is an honour to be a founding member of such an important initiative as Responsible Computing . This is a topic that Slingshot Simulations is passionate about supporting and a core part of our mission to apply the power of data science , analytics , Machine Learning , simulation and digital twins to some of the biggest challenges we face today , such as sustainability .”
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