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• Initiatives to keep staff morale high ( 29 %)
• Software to manage HR and recruitment processes ( 20 %)
“ SMEs are the backbone of the UK ’ s economy ,” said Matt Parker , CEO , Babble .
“ But instead of being able to dream big , they are being kept awake at night worrying about how they ’ re going to navigate the next twelve months and it is clear they are going to need more support to do this . Whether it ’ s reducing costs long-term , ensuring greater customer service , stronger defences against cyberattacks or promoting greater collaboration between teams , cloud technology provides the answer .
“ At Babble , we ’ re passionate about working with SME leaders to find the solutions to these issues and seeing small businesses thrive .
As the country enters a new era of leadership , we ’ re determined to see SMEs up and down the country get the support they need and make the right investments to allow them to dream big for the future of their business .” �
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