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“ Our lawyers have been much more productive and collaborative . They no longer feel compelled to chew into their personal time to make up the hours lost to technical shortcomings and can better work in a way that suits their life ,” said McCarthy . “ The issues with the previous system are gone , and we no longer experience downtime with our phone systems .
“ Staff have fully taken advantage of the messaging and video-calling functions to
“ We ’ ve seen great adoption of the chat function and are very comfortable that it ’ s happening through an approved platform . Employees aren ’ t tempted to resort to consumer apps like iMessage , WhatsApp and other third-party tools , ensuring sensitive client information remains within a protected environment to prevent any intended or unintended compliance breaches ,” he said .
“ We ’ ve also got assurance when it comes to the continuity of services . For example , when

RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN LEGAL PROFESSIONALS AND CLIENTS ARE BASED ON TRUST AND RELIABILITY . support each other with day-to-day activities . This has boosted morale and increased service availability because the reduced number of internal calls means clients can get through to our staff much quicker . Since the start of our transformation , the improved quality of work life has seen our staff attrition rate fall to a record low and our spend per client increase in tandem .”
McCarthy said Avaya Cloud Office helps the law firm remain compliant and avoid security concerns about clients ’ personal information , as well as ensuring continuity of service should there be unforeseen disruptions or team members leave the company . an employee who has been using their own device for client communication departs from MDL , there ’ s a risk they ’ ll take the clients and sensitive information with them . With this contained within the Avaya Cloud Office app , an appropriate fence is put around the information and we can maintain continuity of the client relationship .”
Bringing local legal services to regional Queensland
McCarthy said access to a reliable , centralised communication system has given MDL the confidence to bring city-quality legal expertise to regional communities around Queensland .
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