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a relevant source of truth about customers and their interactions .
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Another significant benefit delivered by the new ordering platform has been the way it has made it easier for customers to explore the entire product range before placing an order .
“ The idea was to get the customers browsing and seeing our range ,” said Wickman . “ We ’ ve got 400 SKUs and we ’ ve probably got about 70 of them that everybody buys that are popular . This number is now increasing .”
Lessons learned
Wickman said that , while the Sana Commerce and Business Central deployment went smoothly , some relevant lessons were still learned during the process . The first was that up-front planning is very important as it ensures the new technology will fully meet business requirements .
“ By shifting to Sana Commerce and Business Central , not only was the entire team able to enjoy the flexibility of remote work , even after the pandemic , it also meant they were able to work through the pandemic without being disrupted .”
The new platform has also improved the quality of data across the company . Agents know they can use information in Sana Commerce that will always be up-to-date and
“ It ’ s also important not to rush the rollout ,” said Wickman . “ It ’ s natural to be deeply invested in the outcome of a project like this , but it is vital to give the IT team as much time as required to complete the process .”
Wickman said Food & Dairy Co planned to continue to look for innovative ways in which the new Sana Commerce platform can be extended and enhanced in the coming months .
“ We are confident we now have a scalable and flexible platform that can support our ongoing growth ,” said Wickman . “ Thanks to Sana Commerce , we are able to continue to improve our levels of customer service .” �
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