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RISK LOSING THE OPTION OF BUILDING YEAR- ON-YEAR DATA . spotlighting the potential lifetime value of a customer , the likelihood of conversion and changes to buying habits . Measurement teams will quickly be alerted to trends and changes , easily identify areas of weakness and respond to results of marketing or ad campaigns .”
Working alongside Google Tag Manager ’ s consent mode , GA4 will allow us to access the directional data of a consumer , even after opting out of being tracked on a website . This will be done through Machine Learning and modelling data based on historic behaviour and trends . On top of this , with privacy at the forefront of GA4 ’ s offerings , manual processes such as hiding a user ’ s IP address is performed in advance to ensure its user ’ s protection . But privacy is not the only benefit of GA4 , with AI technologies being used within the platform to provide valuable insights for businesses to start collecting first-hand data . The advantages of GA4 are limitless , so time is of the essence for companies to make the switch .
Act now
The benefits of moving to GA4 are evident , providing numerous measurement options and adaptations for a cookieless world . The platform allows businesses to track the success of their marketing campaign against competitors and analyse consumer satisfaction in a whole new way .
Making an early start will give you the extra time to prepare for the switch and to extensively test this new platform . Companies can begin testing GA4 against their strategies to strengthen their messaging and tactics across the business , from sales and marketing to data and technology .
Despite the launch of this platform still being some time away , set for July 2023 , it will come along sooner than businesses realise – so the time to act is now . Companies must get in early and seize this new opportunity or risk being left behind . �
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