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Jessica Jacobs , Global Director of Partnerships & Growth at Incubeta easy to access and use , but this doesn ’ t make it the most effective . The removal of these datasets will force the industry to re-examine its strategies and develop stronger firstparty audiences to the benefit of both the organisation and the consumer .
“ GA4 comes with a completely new data model , meaning a completely new strategy is required for collecting data ,” comments Camila Ramos Mori , Head of Data & Analytics , Incubeta . “ This gives marketers an incredible opportunity to get involved right from the start and ensure they are tracking all the information they need to build those first-party audiences .”
What should you plan before making the switch ?
Following the change , historic data will only be stored for six months and you can ’ t directly migrate your account . Although the end of UA is over a year away – which may seem like a long time – if the switch to GA4 isn ’ t made soon organisations risk losing the option of building year-on-year data to compare when UA stops running .
Businesses will also need to review what expertise and resources are needed for the transition . This might include working with a specialist – particularly when dealing with reporting and attribution frameworks , as well as the features around data science .
The benefits of GA4 explained
Designed with privacy in mind , GA4 includes all the privacy features present in Universal Analytics but goes one step further in protecting the data of the consumer .
One of the biggest benefits of GA4 is the inclusion of data-driven attribution and improved insight prediction , powered by Machine Learning . This helps fill in the data gaps that come along with increased privacy , providing useful insights into customer behaviour , trends and anomalies , useful for predicting potential ‘ churn ’ or optimal times for customer engagement .
“ That change gives marketers and advertisers access to advanced AI , allowing them to spend less time trawling through data and instead take action and develop changes that work for their business ,” added Jade Arenstein , Global Service Lead for Data , BI & Analytics at Incubeta . “ For example , the data can go further than just predicting churn , by
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