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Why Ransomware Is Today ’ s Biggest Security Threat
Protecting your critical assets is harder than ever . Your infrastructure is evolving and becoming increasingly digital , you have dissolved your traditional security perimeter , and you are forced to innovate your operations and environment quickly – even if doing so creates new security risks .
Ransomware takes advantage of these trends . It ’ s designed to infiltrate , spread and compromise assets within modern digital environments . By doing so , ransomware has become the biggest security threat you face today – and it ’ s only growing .
• Since 2016 , more than 4,000 ransomware attacks have occurred every day .
• The average ransom request has increased from $ 5,000 in 2018 to $ 200,000 in 2020 .
• The largest ransom so far is $ 40 million . It was paid by an insurance company in 2021 .
• The largest total damage caused by a ransomware attack was $ 300 million .
These numbers make one point clear – traditional security architectures are failing to stop the new ransomware threat . Prevention is no longer enough , breaches are now inevitable , and conventional detection and response protocols can ’ t keep up with the speed and scale of today ’ s attacks . To stop ransomware , you need a new security architecture – and we wrote this ebook to give you just that . To do so , we will :
• Detail the attack pattern that most ransomware follows and provide a threestep framework that counters this pattern to stop ransomware .
• Explain why legacy security tools are failing – and show you how Illumio addresses these problems .
• Break down three recent real-world examples of ransomware and show how organizations could have stopped them with a few small actions . �
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