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New research says technobabble needs to be stamped out to broaden sector ’ s appeal
The technology sector ’ s widespread use of unnecessary jargon and technobabble is stopping people joining the sector and needs to be eliminated .
Babble has released new research revealing how companies delay or abandon technology investments when confronted with impenetrable jargon .
Babble ’ s research also discovered that the use of jargon and technobabble is not only stopping businesses from digitising and tapping into the benefits of new technology , but it also stops companies growing and takes up valuable time .
“ We work in a sector that is sometimes complicated and sometimes we ’ re inventing new stuff that needs to be named ,” said Matt Parker , CEO of Babble .
“ But we ’ re also guilty of using phrases and terminology that gets in the way of people ’ s understanding . This is totally counterproductive when we ’ re trying so hard to get fresh talent into the industry .”
App businesses close due to new privacy standards and regulations
Over a quarter ( 27 %) of app developers and marketers strongly believe that their business will cease to exist once new ad regulations and privacy changes come into effect , according to the research from Bango .
The research , which surveyed over 300 app developers and app marketers , revealed that Apple ’ s IDFA changes , the phasing out of thirdparty cookies by Google and mounting government regulations are a growing cause for concern , with three in five
( 59 %) stating that , due to these changes , it has ‘ never been more difficult ’ to acquire new paying users for their apps .
Acquiring new paying users is the most important aspect of their job , according to two thirds ( 66 %) of app marketers .
And yet , 66 % also say that they ’ re struggling to accurately target and reach paying users .
Faced with this new challenge , 65 % are on the lookout for new , more privacy-friendly targeting techniques .
PayPal credit card launches for US small businesses
PayPal has announced it is expanding its suite of credit offerings to include a new business credit card to better meet the everyday financing needs of small business owners .
The PayPal Business Cashback Mastercard , issued by WebBank and powered by the Mastercard network , is the first business credit card offered through PayPal .
The card has no annual fee and rewards cardholders with 2 % cashback on all purchases with no rewards earning caps or expiration , making it among the highest cashback rewards value available .
The PayPal Business Cashback Mastercard offers a simple way for businesses to pay for both everyday business expenses and those that may unexpectedly arise , while also earning cashback rewards on all purchases .
Approved businesses are provided immediate access to their assigned credit limit through a virtual card that is automatically integrated into the business ’ PayPal account and is immediately available as a payment method .
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