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Barton , CTO of Mentor Group . “ The on-demand content helps salespeople refresh and reinforce their knowledge when they need it . We ’ ve designed Sales Academy as the pocket coach ; giving teams the right content , in the right way , at the right time .”
Sales Academy users benefit from expertise and advice through the Ask the Expert feature , which provides direct one-to-one coaching support through WhatsApp and enables salespeople to leverage the skills and insights of proven industry experts .

Mentor Group launches digital learning platform for SMBs

M entor Group – a digital-first , sales enablement specialist – has launched Sales Academy , its SaaS sales enablement tool , to deliver enterprise-level training and skills to SMB sales teams .

The digital learning platform is designed to support SMBs in harnessing talent within their business and manage staff retention . Mentor Group ’ s new tool seeks to enable SMBs to plug the talent gap where 55 % of salespeople lack basic sales skills , according to research into the performance of sales programmes .
Through Sales Academy , SMBs can utilise training programmes employed by FTSE100 companies to improve sales performance , optimising revenue and maximising profit . With bite-sized multimedia content produced by a global team of industry experts and backed by the Institute of Sales Professionals accreditation , salespeople can learn onthe-go , on-demand and on any device .
The training content covers seven distinct topics including negotiation , outcome-based selling , storytelling and key account management . Sales Academy has been designed to provide salespeople with the knowledge , resources and mentality to perform at an elite level .
“ With bite-sized videos and e learning modules delivered directly to any device , teams can learn at their own pace , wherever they are ,” said James
“ In developing the product , we learnt the importance of live coaching advice and saw the opportunity to facilitate this through WhatsApp for the younger generations entering the workplace . Having our experts on hand can really make the difference between a big sale and a missed opportunity ,” added Barton .
Freestyle IT , a multi-disciplinary IT solutions provider , has been using Sales Academy in beta version to support its sales team in managing large technology projects for enterprise customers globally .
“ The accessibility and usability of Sales Academy makes the adoption of digital learning very straightforward , with ‘ on demand ’ content learning anytime and anywhere in digestible sized pieces ,” said Peter Hopkins , Sales Manager at Freestyle IT . “ We are implementing a quality induction process that speeds up the readiness of new sales recruits and have taken advantage of the ‘ Coachingas-a-Service ’ to help us to map out a consistent sales training strategy .”
Sales Academy allows SMBs to create a culture of consistent learning and development amongst their sales professionals to accelerate revenue growth and improve sales conversions . �
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