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tackle this is critical to the sustainability of the company over a long period .
Can you tell us about Hypervine ’ s core values , aims and how it aligns with your strategy ?
At Hypervine we believe that a marginal gains theory-led approach will drive the construction industry into a high-performance era with less
Can you tell us more about Hypervine ’ s conception and how it has grown , since ?
Hypervine started in 2018 , that idea was to create a system that could help create traceability in the construction industry that could be used to improve operations by easily accessing all of your records from one central point . The catalyst for this

ORGANISATIONS BETTER . waste , lower emissions and drive the path towards zero , pushing that target into the capabilities of the industry .
Hypervine ’ s mission is to create data standardisation , benchmark operations and enable net zero construction .
The construction industry is a big old industry that has been largely left behind as many companies digitised . Regulations and contracts also impact how a construction site operates , so when we design new features , we take all of this into consideration to ensure that our customers can easily use our system that fits within their current workflows . was when Oxgangs Primary School ’ s wall collapsed , the tragedy and the investigation showed that it was impossible to establish exactly what happened , it proved impossible at the time to identify where or when an error had been made .
We used Blockchain technology to create a secure traceable record of events at construction sites , but we learned that there was a lot of missing data that would be useful to improve the industry further . Therefore , we started to develop new features that would passively capture data and further enhance the data capture process , giving construction much more detailed site insights .
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