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backbone of any ransomware recovery strategy .
“ The number one concern for our clients is what a cyberattack would mean for their business . We need strong backup and recovery solutions in place if all else fails to ensure they ’ re up and running with minimal disruption ,” said Razwan Ahmad , CEO of N . O . C . Systems LLC , a Datto MSP partner located in Connecticut . “ With SIRIS 5 we know we ’ re covered . Datto ’ s worldclass technology and support enables us to protect our clients ’ data and livelihoods with the strongest solution .”

Datto , a leading global provider of security and cloud-based software solutions purposebuilt for Managed Service Providers ( MSPs ), has launched two continuity solutions , including its next-generation SIRIS 5 product featuring up to four times the performance and Cloud Continuity for PCs , improved for today ’ s dynamic , hybrid workforce . Both all-in-one backup and recovery solutions empower MSPs with best-in-class continuity for their small and medium business ( SMB ) clients . In the event of a physical loss , ransomware , hardware failure or other disasters , Datto provides multiple recovery and restore options whether onsite or remote .

Last year in Q4 , over 80 % of ransomware attacks targeted SMBs , with an average business interruption of 20 days following successful attacks , which can be crippling for a smaller organisation . To survive attacks , SMBs must have access to Business Continuity solutions that can quickly restore their data and operations to prevent significant downtime and business interruptions . Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery ( BCDR ) is an established
Datto ’ s all-in-one complete BCDR solution with immutable backups and the secure Datto Cloud makes SIRIS 5 one of the best last lines of defence against cyberattacks , restoring business operations for SMBs within minutes . The SIRIS 5 appliance will run on purpose-built certified hardware powered by Dell . Dell ’ s world-class server hardware provides the industry-standard in reliability , serviceability , global reach , and supply chain resilience .
Each SIRIS 5 device will undergo stepped-up comprehensive quality testing at a Datto facility and is backed by Datto ’ s five-year warranty . Datto partners will have access to the most robust and reliable Business Continuity solution Datto has ever offered .
“ An MSP ’ s best defence against evolving ransomware threats is a high-performing and reliable BCDR solution – and SIRIS 5 is Datto ’ s most powerful and flexible solution yet ,” said Bob Petrocelli , Chief Technology Officer at Datto .
“ With its cloud-first architecture and integrated security , the SIRIS platform was created for MSPs , delivering an essential all-in-one solution for backup and recovery . We ’ re proud to release our flagship SIRIS 5 product which will deliver next-level reliability and performance when it matters most .” �
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