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SEAMLESSLY . peaks in supply and demand for our wines , we can work closely with our manufacturing partners to meet customer demand .
With our new efficiencies we can continue to scale too , adding new logistics centres for faster in-country delivery of our products . We ’ re also adding more countries into our operations – including France , Italy and Ireland in 2022 – to reach more consumers that want low-calorie , sugar-free wines .
What have been the key business benefits of this solution and far would you say this solution has enabled your organisation to scale ?
Our sugar-free wines are now shipped to 15 countries and can be found in hundreds of supermarkets , restaurants and wine outlets worldwide . We ’ re currently forecasting sales of over one million bottles and € 10 million ( US $ 11.3 million ) for 2022 .
This growth wouldn ’ t have been possible without NetSuite . The system has enabled us to launch webstores across Europe quickly , due to seamless integration with our e-commerce software and the ability to better forecast wine production needs from our partner in Italy . Our online wine transactions have now expanded to make up around 75 % of our annual sales .
It ’ s also now much easier to manage the demand-related intricacies and needs of our different markets : currently Europe , USA , Asia and Australia . For example , our teams now know how many wine bottles to distribute to the US months in advance ; or how to prepare for demand for red wine in Germany ; or ramp up supply for greater quantities of rosé during the summer months .
In addition , NetSuite OneWorld , gives us instant access to country-specific currency , tax and legal compliance differences with an always-on audit trail of transactions . This has allowed us to automate the tax compliance process , which is notoriously complicated in Europe with its multiple tax codes , regulations and languages . The NetSuite system preconfigures up-to-date tax compliance for every locale . By removing the time our accounting staff need to spend on tax and compliance , we have increased their productivity by 40 %.
Overall , by bringing together all our multicountry accounting and wine inventory management processes on the NetSuite system , we are saving up to eight days of work per quarter compared to when using our previous system .
What advice would you offer other organisations looking to implement similar technology ?
If you ’ re an international business that is looking to scale and achieve rapid growth , don ’ t hesitate in choosing a cloud-based solution that brings everything together into one place .
Centralise your financial , inventory , production , CRM and e-commerce systems so they are working together seamlessly to gain operational efficiencies and the benefits of saving days of company time will be evident across your business . �
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