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// EXPERT PROFILE // business management systems and solutions available that can be customised to meet unique business or industry-specific needs .

Initial deployments on a solution , like Dynamics 365 Business Central , for example , can take as little as seven days because of a setup wizard that enables a quick start and grow approach based on specific needs . Retail , which was placed under severe pressure at the onset of the pandemic , is one of the industries that has benefitted from this rapid start and adaptability .
Disconnected systems act as a barrier to business success because they disrupt the business and workflows and valuable information and data are siloed , making it challenging to make critical business decisions . Investing in an integrated , end-toend business management solution will help companies connect their financials , sales , service and operations to streamline business processes into a single workload , optimising and opening up data flows , increasing productivity , improving customer interactions and ultimately enabling business leaders to make better decisions .
Integrating systems , workloads and data flows
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