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Nigel Cannings , CTO of Intelligent Voice

success in their chosen market . AI technology – particularly in Speech AI – can provide the necessary conditions to kickstart this growth and guide it to success . In particular , Speech AI can assist in the expansion , informed strategy , security and protection and adaptability .
SME expansion
AI technology – especially Speech AI – provides valuable insight into customers ’ attitudes towards different products or services . Combined with AI-driven sales enablement , this drives the process of determining critical opportunities for expanding SMEs . Evidencebased decisions can be made concerning which business areas are most appropriate to launch the expansion process , resulting in increased chances of success .
Informed strategy
Scaling or growth should always find its foundations in a comprehensive , reliable and robust strategy . Accurate data and insights into areas such as customer relations can support and inform these strategies , tailoring them to the business ’ needs . Without the support of AI , compiling these datasets and insights can be an extremely time-consuming practice , especially when there is a variety of forms of data involved . AI streamlines the acquisition and application of this data for faster , more accurate information accumulation .
Security and protection
A scaling business should always ensure it has the capabilities to protect customers and itself during its period of growth . Comprehensive security , such as anti-fraud measures supported by Speech AI , is vital to providing the right conditions for growth .
Most importantly , SMEs must have adaptable technology that can scale and evolve with their growth . The involvement of Machine Learning in AI ensures that systems such as fraud prevention and sales enablement strategies do not stagnate as a business expands . Instead , AI processes can adjust to the increased flow of data . Without AI systems , companies would be relying more heavily on human resources , which can easily be overwhelmed by any accelerated growth .
AI is not a technology for larger businesses alone – it holds valuable potential for SMEs , assisting them in creating the foundations for improved customer service , business protection and business growth . With many applications , including sales enablement , fraud prevention and growth plans , AI technology is opening the door to an improved future for SMEs globally . �
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