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Editor ’ s note

ELLO AND WELCOME to the 20th edition

H of Intelligent SME . tech . I hope you ’ ve had a wonderful month and enjoy the latest issue . This month ’ s cover story features Stuart Foster , Financial Controller and Investor at PURE The Winery .

Founded by former Coca-Cola executives in 2019 , PURE The Winery distributes award-winning sugar-free Italian wines . To meet the growing demand for healthier alcohol options and to better manage the compliance requirements of trading across markets in Europe , the US , Asia and Australia , PURE The Winery needed to replace its existing business systems . After careful evaluation , PURE The Winery selected Oracle NetSuite .
With NetSuite , PURE The Winery has been able to take advantage of an integrated business platform to better align production with demand , improve the speed and accuracy of its financial processes and navigate the complex tax requirements of cross-border alcohol trade as it embarks on ambitious growth plans . We hear more from Stuart Foster , Financial Controller and Investor , PURE The Winery , on page 44 . with workflow , data and cloud capabilities . Karin Jones , Business Applications Business Group Lead at Microsoft South Africa , expands on this , highlighting how essential it is to move to ERP solutions , in an ever unpredictable and changing world .
The month ’ s Scaling Up , on page 63 , focuses on Hypervine – a Scottish start-up helping to reduce emissions to increase efficiencies in construction . Paul Duddy , CEO and Founder of Hypervine , tells us how the company has used technology to scale and how it ’ s making its mark in the construction sector .
We also have a round-up of all the latest SME news from across our regions , while our ‘ intelligent ’ brands section looks at what ’ s new in sales and marketing , finance , HR and customer experience .
I hope you enjoy this issue and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you ’ d like to contribute to a future edition .
Catherine Darwen , Assistant Editor
Meanwhile , on page 20 , we take a look at how remote working has impacted SMEs with our Editor ’ s Question . Three experts from DH2i , LucidLink and Appgate discuss the pressures SMEs have faced with remote working , but also the benefits they have reaped from it .
Our Expert Profile , on page 34 , focuses on how Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) systems can help small businesses
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