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• 94 % feel they are held to a higher standard than their male colleagues .
• 61 % believe they have lost out on a promotion or job opportunity because of their gender .
• 75 % say they or other women they ’ ve worked with have consistently been asked to perform administrative tasks over their male colleagues , including taking notes , getting coffee / tea , ordering refreshments and general meeting prep .
• 74 % feel their opinions have been overlooked or discounted during meetings because of their gender .
“ The survey results make it clear that there is still much to be done to support women in the workplace ,” said Gina Murphy , President and Chief Transformation Officer at Navisite .
“ While equal pay continues to be an issue , the survey reveals the problem goes much deeper to show how women in tech are being undervalued and experiencing gender
inequality on a daily basis . It ’ s important to shed light on these situations so organisations can take steps to address them .”
When it came to compensation , 45 % of female respondents feel they are underpaid compared to their male colleagues , with 12 % unsure if they are paid fairly or not .
This is not surprising , as it ’ s been well documented that women receive less pay than male colleagues for doing the same job . A 2021 industry report from Hired on wage inequality and discrimination in the tech industry found that 59 % of the time , men were offered higher salaries than women for the same job title at the same company .
“ It ’ s disappointing that women continue to come up against these outdated and biased practices ,” said Mark Clayman , CEO of Navisite . “ It ’ s not only a disservice to the incredible talent and contributions women are making across all sectors of the economy , but it also hinders progress and innovation .
“ As a technology company , we take these results seriously and encourage others to as well . We ’ re committed at Navisite to supporting women in tech and the next generation of female leaders in STEM , but we still need to recognise these hurdles and actively work against them .” �
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