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Devolutions reveals trends and vulnerabilities for SMBs
Devolutions has released The State of Cybersecurity in SMBs in 2021 – 2022 , which features stats and trends from Devolutions ’ second annual cybersecurity survey . Also included in the report is a list of specific recommendations designed to help SMBs address the gaps , vulnerabilities and concerns uncovered in the survey .
To help SMBs grasp the scope of the current cyberthreat landscape – and assist them in making decisions that reduce the likelihood and severity of cyberattacks – Devolutions polled 440 IT professionals and decision-makers at companies that self-identified as SMBs .
While the pandemic forced many SMBs to scale back their operations , cyberattacks increased throughout 2020 and 2021 for SMBs . Remote workers have been especially vulnerable to cyberthreats since they reside outside of the corporate network environment . And with a large percentage of the workforce still working from home , this extends the threat surface and increases the likelihood of an attack .
Companies recover quicker from ransomware despite rise in frequency
Cymulate has announced the results of a survey , revealing that despite the increase in the number of ransomware attacks this past year , overall victims suffered limited damage in both severity and duration .
“ This latest survey is critical in helping us understand that while we may be experiencing increased anxiety from the rise in ransomware , we have also learned lessons and can both prevent attacks and recover far quicker than before ,” said Eyal Wachsman , CEO and Co- Founder of Cymulate .
Research taken from nearly 900 enterprise professionals across 14 sectors worldwide highlighted that the majority of respondents undertook proactive measures to prevent the attack before it could cause any significant damage and the vast majority of those even before it could cause any serious downtime . There was little difference in the size of organisations that ransomware targeted , affecting both large and small companies alike .
Cloudli launches TalkNText
Cloudli , a leading provider of voice , data and messaging solutions , has announced the launch of Cloudli TalkNText , a new mobile-first service that equips small businesses ( SMBs ) with unified voice and business texting capabilities , at a savings of up to 70 % over industryleading UCaaS and business texting solutions .
Business texting is now a mission-critical application for businesses of all sizes , including SMBs : 93 % of consumers who prefer to support SMBs also want the option of calling or texting a business , according to a US consumer survey conducted earlier this year . Also , 84 % of respondents would respond to texts from businesses , compared to only 34 % who said they answer calls from unknown numbers .
In addition to supporting standard SMS messaging , TalkNText allows businesses to text-enable their existing landline , so they can send and receive texts from their existing main business number .
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