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Alongside Bright Lightning , we launched Bright Exchange – an online marketplace where customers can advertise their services and products for free . Our aim is to create a community of like-minded business owners and to support employers in boosting their business post-COVID . Currently , there are 40,000 businesses and 450,000 customers that business owners can advertise to – and these figures are growing by the day .
How can organisations provide positive experiences for employees to ensure staff retention and recruit new talent ?
In my experience , a happy workforce is at the centre of a successful business . Treat your staff right , give them opportunities to innovate and to grow , and let them know you appreciate them . Do all these things and you ’ ll have a dedicated workforce that love coming to work every day and take pride in the products and service they ’ re delivering .
Job adverts have now soared to record high . In fact , a whopping 2.2 million jobs are currently on offer – meaning applicants can afford to be pickier than ever and these days , competitive pay just isn ’ t going to cut it . Job seekers are looking for companies with good values and flexibility .
Championing an inclusive workplace and being an ally ; prioritising mental health and providing support ; offering hybrid or flexible working to support a better work-life balance ; and of course , good old financial renumeration in terms of good wages , pensions and in some cases , even bonuses ; these are all things that people are looking for when they decide what sort of company they want to work for .
How can organisations with hybrid workforces foster collaboration and a company culture ?
Regular team catch-ups where everyone has the opportunity to share updates can be great to make sure you ’ re all working to one common goal .
Facilitate a process whereby employees can nominate colleagues to be recognised for their hard work – this helps staff feel appreciated by their teams and managers .
If in a position to , regular social meet-ups , physical or virtual , can do wonders in creating camaraderie and team spirit .
What should HR leaders be prioritising as we move into 2022 ?
Given the difficulty that businesses up and down the UK are having in filling vacancies , it ’ s important that employers review their recruitment and retention strategies by offering workplace benefits that strength beyond wages ; HR leaders may want to consider flexible or hybrid working ,
Inclusion is obviously an incredibly important matter ; we want our workplaces to reflect the diversity of our country . Every employee should feel that their ideas , presence and contributions are truly valued .
Businesses should look to embrace technological advancements wherever possible ; in an age where data can be at your fingertips and information is needed roundthe-clock and instantly , employers can ’ t afford to be left in the dust while their clients adapt .
As always , wellbeing should be a priority for every employer , regardless of industry . Providing an Employee Assistance Programme ( EAP ) can go a long way in supporting your employees ’ mental health through 24 / 7 phone counselling and faceto-face therapy . In fact , those businesses that provide an EAP can expect to reduce absenteeism by as much as 45 %. �
Hybrid working can be of great benefit to both employers and employees . A better work-life balance can actually boost productivity and staff retention . But it does pose its challenges . Using a system as simple as Microsoft Teams can be a great way to facilitate instant conversation through its chat and video call functions .
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