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Julien Fouriot , Sales Director for Africa , Crosscall continent has the potential to recover given the fact that with a large youth population it promises to be a major consumption market in the years ahead with significant capacity for growth . In the continent ’ s favour is the fact that it is mobile-phone enabled . Mobile and Fourth Industrial Revolution ( 4IR ) technologies represent a unique opportunity for African countries to leapfrog certain development hurdles . Throughout the continent , there is a growing realisation that new technologies must be developed for mobile given that it is the device most of the continent ’ s citizens have access to . For its part , the agricultural sector is already harnessing mobile and digital technologies to improve productivity , using smartphones to access crucial information and data , including trading opportunities .
Digital technologies will also be utilised to provide improved services . Technologies that ensure that communications are transmitted with high reliability , fluidity , quality of service and reachability , even when the mobile network is absent or saturated should be an important priority for businesses .
Most importantly , choose your equipment well . Companies are now aware that choosing sustainable mobility solutions allows them to be in line with current environmental issues and better control their expenses by being part of a rational economic model . It is important to consider the cost of a piece of equipment in its entirety and not to underestimate the indirect costs .
A broken phone , in addition to representing an additional expense linked to its repair or replacement , means an employee who is not operational and therefore a significant loss of productivity for the company .
The formalisation of what is now a general global shift into sustainable supply chain management and more environmentally friendly business practices and consumer behaviours is growing in impetus .
At Crosscall , each and every idea , decision and action is carefully considered from a sustainability and responsibility point of view . From the design to the final packaging , nothing is left to chance when it comes to ensuring the durability and longevity of our products . Based on this commitment , we now offer products with a three-year warranty to stay with you even longer . �
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