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In doing so , the gateway acts as a protector by enforcing security while ensuring scalability and high availability . In effect , the API gateway takes all API requests from a client , determines which services are needed and combines them into a unified , seamless experience for the user .
Delivering Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation has become one of those catch-all IT trends that can , in reality , refer to a wide range of activities and priorities . Modernising IT infrastructure is certainly central to where many organisations focus their efforts , but there is more than one way to deliver the right outcomes .
APIs , for instance , offer a proven way to bridge the gap between legacy systems with modern digital technologies , reinvigorating existing services so they more effectively meet the needs of the business and its customers . In practical terms , this might include delivering legacy-based applications via web or mobile infrastructure or by adopting microservices to deploy updated capabilities with agility and at speed .
So , while legacy systems can be a hindrance to Digital Transformation strategies , an APIbased solution allows for the best of both worlds : the ability to maintain consistency while modernising operational performance .
So , where should teams begin ? Identifying the technologies that fall into the legacy category is the obvious jumping off point – the challenge can be , when has that moment arrived and where can API-enabled transformation be delivered ? There are some tell-tale issues to watch out for that can help the decision-making process .
Very high on the list should be any applications that can no longer deliver secure
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