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Racoon co-locates at Telehouse to reimagine post-production services
Telehouse International Corporation of Europe has announced that Racoon , a postproduction services start-up company , has co-located its entire technology stack within Telehouse ’ s London data centre , enabling it to deliver services to clients anywhere , anytime .
When selecting a data centre partner , Racoon required direct connections to its broadcaster customers , access to cloud services and the ability to scale IT quickly when needed . To facilitate this , Racoon has taken co-location space in Telehouse ’ s London campus , one of the most connected data centres in Europe .
Racoon now has a lean infrastructure to deliver services in a sustainable , efficient way . Instead of multiple versions of avid editing suites in physical rooms with finite capacity , the company has one centralised version at Telehouse that it can scale up instantly to accommodate any number of client requests . Production companies , broadcasters and streaming services can now all access post-production projects through one unified portal .
Puzzel launches in the Netherlands to meet growing demand for smart customer experiences
Puzzel , a leading European Contact Centre-as-a-Service ( CCaaS ) provider , has announced its expansion into the Netherlands to meet a growing demand for enhanced , smart customer experiences in the market .
The move will see Puzzel hire a dedicated team in the Netherlands , as well as investing in a local in-country presence for the new workforce .
As a customer-first organisation , and with a deep knowledge and understanding of the Dutch market , Puzzel offers simplicity , experience and a promise to power the future of commerce through smart experiences , as organisations in the Netherlands transition to cloud-based CX platforms .
Having already gone live with its first customers in the Netherlands , Puzzel ’ s expansion is a signal of the vendor ’ s intent to deliver local services , underpinned by local market expertise . This has become especially important amid growing frustrations of the ‘ global ’ approach shown by many alternative contact centre technology providers .
Contentsquare acquires Hotjar to help all businesses build better digital experiences
Contentsquare , a global leader in digital experience analytics , has announced it is joining forces with Hotjar , a leading product experience insights platform in the SMB market . Together the companies now serve the global market end-to-end , enabling businesses of every size to deliver outstanding digital experiences to their customers .
The acquisition builds on deep synergies between both businesses to expand the companies ’ global market reach and accelerate their shared vision of better experiences for all . Hotjar will learn from Contentsquare ’ s advanced technology and resources , while Contentsquare will benefit from Hotjar ’ s reach and product-led approach .
With a combined team of over 1,000 people , both companies will work closely together to make the most of their joint expertise but will continue to operate independently for the foreseeable future .
Contentsquare and Hotjar help businesses understand people ’ s behaviours online , enabling them to deliver the best possible experience , fix obstacles along the customer journey and improve engagement .
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