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New data highlights the true cost of a cyberbreach to UK businesses
The cybersecurity and GDPR compliance platform , Naq Cyber , has published new data highlighting the true cost of a cyberbreach to UK businesses and the devasting impact it can cause . The average total is more than £ 43,000 and this includes legal fees , GDPR fines , downtime and time spent resolving the situation , expert fees to fix the vulnerability and further consultancy .
The total cost varies from £ 18,350 –£ 69,250 depending on the organisation size but even the lowest amount would be fatal for nearly one in six small businesses . Once the breach is resolved , businesses will need to ensure they don ’ t have a repeat occurrence which may mean further costs including additional software and staff training .
Naq Cyber has launched a one stop platform for small businesses to easily manage their cybersecurity and legal compliance , essentially a small business information security officer , to give peace of mind .
Expert networks research platform raises £ 110 million as it accelerates global expansion
Expert networks research platform , Atheneum , has announced it has secured a £ 110 million growth capital funding round led by Guidepost Growth Equity . Existing investors also participated in the round including Crosslantic Capital Management , Michael Brehm , Vogel Communications Group and the founding management team of Atheneum .
Through its proprietary Machine Learning software and cloudbased insights platform , Athena One , Atheneum delivers qualitative ( expert consultations and placements ) and quantitative ( surveys and data products ) research solutions to businesses around the world .
This on-demand access to global intelligence helps users to quickly understand cutting edge industry trends and the critical indepth market information needed to drive business expansion , operational excellence and product innovation . Atheneum has built significant global capabilities and solutions across a variety of industries with a particular strength in life sciences and technology .
“ We are excited for the next phase of growth and to further disrupt the fast growing , US $ 22 billion data and intelligence market ,” said Mathias Wengeler , Atheneum Co-Founder and CEO .
The founding team . L to R Mathias Wengeler , Marta Margolis and Ammad Ahmad
CIPHR partners with OurPeople to help streamline internal comms for deskless and remote workers
CIPHR , a leading UK provider of SaaS people management solutions , has joined forces with HR tech start-up , OurPeople , to help organisations communicate even more effectively with their workforce .
The new partnership will particularly benefit organisations in industries that employ large numbers of frontline , deskless staff , temps and seasonal staff , or gig workers , such as health and social care , hospitality , leisure , retail , logistics , utilities , manufacturing and local government , among others .
Linking CIPHR ’ s powerful HCM platform , CIPHR Connect , with OurPeople ’ s intuitive communication and engagement app ensures that all relevant employee details are updated across both systems . For example , any changes to records in CIPHR HR , such as new starters and leavers , are automatically reflected in OurPeople ’ s data , so any vital company messages and broadcasts , including images and files , sent via the app ( or SMS ) reach the right people at the right time .
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