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Mental health report for startups reveals 55 % founders rate ‘ raising investment ’ as the prime stress factor
EMPWR , a UAE-based digital media agency dedicated to mental health and an authority in mental health research in the region , is an exclusive mental health partner for WAMDA and Microsoft for start-ups , to create and publish a research report on the mental health challenges and wellbeing of entrepreneurs due to COVID-19 in the MENA region .
The results of the research indicate that start-up founders undergo higher levels of stress than the rest of the region , with twice the likelihood of developing depression issues . Fifty-five percent of start-up founders said that raising investment has caused the most stress ; the pandemic was the second most-cited reason by 33.7 % of respondents . While 35.9 % of founders rate the state of their mental health as ‘ bad ’, and 44.2 % spend at least two hours a week trying to de-stress . The report also includes a mapping of the mental health start-ups in MENA , a third of which were launched over this past year .
New commission-free online ordering platform doubles as brand builder for Canadian restaurant and hospitality merchants
In a move that will level the playing field for Canada ’ s underserved and densely populated SME foodservice and hospitality industry to compete and thrive against big box brands , Taliup Payment Solutions , a payment technology company focused on cost-effective payment software for small and medium Canadian enterprises , has launched a feature-rich commission-free online ordering platform for restaurants , bars , cafes and hotels to maintain and grow their own independent brands .
Taliup Express is the POS solution focused exclusively on foodservice and hospitality businesses looking for an affordable and competitive option to hefty commission third-party apps . This topline customised self-branding platform and merchantcentric mobile app ( IOS and Android ) redefines SME online presence and maximises customer engagement .
Taliup Payment Solutions and Taliup Express are owned by parent company , Unity Payments , a veteran in the payment processing industry with more than a decade of experience and a roster of nearly 10,000 SME clients across Canada in the local independent foodservice , hospitality and retail category .
Reboot successfully implements a fourday week
An Icelandic study proving that a four-day week was not only viable , but actually beneficial in terms of productivity as well as mental health , has been heralded as an ‘ overwhelming success ’.
This inspired digital marketing agency , Reboot Digital PR , to take the leap and offer all employees at its creative agency the chance to work a four-day week after a 702 % increase in results and output across the entire company over the last year . Working hours will remain the same – employees do not work more hours Monday to Thursday , salaries will not change , holidays and sick leave are not impacted , flexible working options remain in place and success will be monitored .
Shai Aharony , MD , Reboot Digital PR , said : “ While a fourday week is not viable for some businesses , we ’ re fortunate to work in a creative and forwardthinking industry and I believe other agencies will also follow this concept , as we ’ re very much used to adapting quickly .”
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