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R E G I O N A L C H E C K - U P
The MoU was signed by Shazurawati Abd Karim , Executive Vice President of TM One , and Peter Hong , Group Chief Executive Officer , RSDH .
Aimed at improving patient experience and enabling innovative transformation for essential in-patient services , the collaboration is one of the first in Malaysia to leverage TM One ’ s Smart Patient Suite solution , by harnessing the power of the Internet of Things ( IoT ) to provide automation and surround control .
Shazurawati Abd Karim , Executive Vice President , TM One , said : “ We are honoured to be working with RSDH to serve as the enabler of their next advantage today and tomorrow , bringing Malaysian healthcare and digital progress for all .”
TM One ’ s Smart Patient Suite , under its Smart Healthcare solutions , enables users to customise their in-patient environment for a more positive patient care experience .
" We are pleased to mark a milestone with this collaboration , as ParkCity Medical Centre will be the first hospital under the group to pilot TM One ’ s Smart Patient Suite solution ,” added Peter Hong , Group Chief Executive Officer , RSDH . “ Given the evolving nature of the healthcare system , we strive to continuously offer solutions that will elevate our patients ' experiences by accommodating their needs through the adaptation of digital technology . Backed by TM One ’ s comprehensive digital support , we are confident that this will contribute to driving the evolution of Malaysia ’ s healthcare ecosystem moving forward .”
TM One is also looking into the cocreation of smart solutions that will offer predictive and preventive intervention , as well as improve monitoring and medication adherence . Wellness wearables , for example , will allow high-risk patients who have received care at medical facilities to transition outpatients quicker and continue self-monitoring in the comfort of their homes ; with healthcare professionals leveraging real-time analytics for patient care administration .
“ Technology is reshaping the relationship between patients , providers and the healthcare system , enabling us to move towards patient-centric , preventionfocused and outcome-driven healthcare . The Internet of Medical Things ( IoMT ) will empower healthcare providers with data and analytics to improve the quality of patient care while maximising operational efficiency ,” added Shazurawati .
This two-year collaboration with RSDH follows the launch of TM One ’ s Sphere Programme , which brings together Malaysia ’ s leading technology and smart solution partners to create an ecosystem that will help springboard enterprise and government sector innovative transformation . Since its launch , the alliance has registered close to 50 partners .
“ At TM One , we look forward to collaborating with partners to offer innovative healthcare solutions to the public . The Digital Transformation of enterprises and the government sector will change the way they serve today ’ s digitally-enabled customers and communities ,” said Shazurawati . �
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