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S C R U B B I N G U P operational and financial obligations . This engagement will cover computing , storage , networking , security , mobile services and labs .
KCH Dubai plans for expansion – we are aiming to double our operations in the UAE and expand into other countries . So , our expansion and future growth demand flexible and scalable technological stacks . Speed and security will continue to be a crucial focus for us . We will be able to provide seamless access to information for our patients and their families . With most of our patients ’ families residing in other parts of the world , we are aiming for them to access the information anywhere while aligning with local regulations and privacy laws .
Himanshu Puri , CIO at KCH Dubai
Oracle CIoud Infrastructure will help us bring flexibility , scalability , speed and security not only to our providers but to the families and the patients as well . So , Oracle Cloud infrastructure , in my opinion , will only enhance our future growth .
How has the partnership with Oracle affected patient experiences in the UAE ?
The demographics of patients are changing . Most of these patients are coming with international experiences in healthcare and they are expecting the same level in the UAE . Due to our partnerships , we have improved our patient experience tremendously . Before , as strange as it sounds , patients weren ’ t part of patient care . It was difficult for them to access their health data and meet care providers .
Patient waiting times were also one of the biggest challenges across the region and a lot of processes were manual . But with the latest technological advancements , the difficulties in these mentioned areas are being significantly reduced . As a result of the partnership , we are now breaking down those barriers and streamlining accessibility . With Oracle , we ' re looking at not only improving our providers but the whole patient experience .
What does the future hold for this partnership ?
This is just the beginning . Oracle Cerner and KCH Dubai have been partners since 2016 . Our partnership has seen a lot of pivots – for the better .
I think they will continue to make these changes to improve healthcare outcomes in this part of the world and hopefully , these will become role models for others to implement as well .
What are your predictions for the future of healthcare in the Middle East ?
The UAE and the wider region are transforming quickly , with the world witnessing great advancements across the Middle East .
Recently , UAE leaders have shared a vision to make the country the preferred healthcare hub for the world . And the government is pushing this , accelerating innovation at a faster pace and moving towards a brighter future for our citizens . Healthcare is not only the primary focus for UAE leaders , but for everyone else in the Middle East . For example , in the KSA , there have been a lot of regulation changes and enhancements to encourage well-being and growth – so there ’ s a lot of momentum .
Changing patient demographics will also contribute towards healthcare in the Middle East . Less than a decade ago , patients from across the region travelled overseas for medical tourism . However , now we are seeing a significant influx of medical tourism into the region , indicating a shift in the global healthcare landscape . And with medical technology only growing , such as AI , IoMT and ML , I think we ’ ll see more investments and interest in the region ’ s healthcare offerings . �
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