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Fujitsu has announced the launch of a new cloudbased platform that allows users to securely collect and leverage health-related data to promote Digital Transformation in the medical field . The new offering represents part of Fujitsu ' s ongoing efforts to contribute to the creation of a healthy society as part of its vision for ‘ Healthy Living ’ under Fujitsu Uvance to create a sustainable world . in turn , supports medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies in performing data analysis and R & D activities to accelerate the development of individualised healthcare and the discovery of new drugs .

Fujitsu will use the platform as a launching point for further planning to develop a data portability service that enables patients to view their medical data on their smartphones , as well as a service for medical institutions to conduct a highly accurate analysis of shared medical data on the platform .
Moving forward , Fujitsu aims to leverage this platform to realise an AI and IoT-based preventive healthcare system and cooperate with various medical institutions and companies to realise a digital health ecosystem that creates new value for society .
The new platform enables the automatic conversion of medical data from medical institutions ' electronic medical records to conform with the next-generation standards framework HL7 FHIR and secure the aggregation of healthrelated data . Based on their consent , patients can securely store personal health information such as vital data , step counts and calorie consumption – converted into nonpersonally identifiable information on the platform – this ,


The hospital industry has long engaged in a harmful cycle of hallowing out Massachusetts ’ permanent workforce of bedside nurses by undermining their ability to provide quality care through understaffing and assigning unsafe numbers of patients .

Additionally , the state has contributed by fuelling the flight of nurses away from the profession and then relying on expensive travel nurses to fill the artificial void , resulting in today ' s staffing and patient care crisis . At least , this is all according to the newly released State of Nursing in Massachusetts survey , commissioned annually by the Massachusetts Nurses Association ( MNA ).
" The hospital staffing crisis and nurses ' struggle to provide safe , high-quality patient care has been driven by corporate greed and persists because the hospital industry refuses to listen to nurses and implement our solutions ," said Katie Murphy , a practising ICU nurse and President of the MNA .
" Rather than the cause of this crisis , the COVID-19 pandemic has simply laid bare a system already broken by hospital executives . The industry claims it cannot find nurses , but the data shows there are more nurses than ever .
" There is not a shortage of nurses , but rather a shortage of nurses willing to work in these unsafe conditions ." �
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