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secure and scalable foundation on which to grow . A mature digital ecosystem with these capabilities can pass a multitude of benefits to its patients , community and the region .”
The Oracle Cloud Dubai Region will assist KCH Dubai in driving new advancements and boosting efficiencies by helping reduce its operational and financial obligations . The advancements will cover computing , storage , networking , database , analytics , mobile services and more . The transition to Oracle Cerner ’ s cloud solution is also expected to reduce the hospital ’ s IT expenditure and regain valuable data centre space at its facilities .

King ’ s College Hospital London – Dubai ( KCH Dubai ) has announced a strategic collaboration with Oracle Cerner to accelerate innovation . As part of the agreement , Oracle Cerner will utilise Oracle Cloud Infrastructure ( OCI ) services via the Oracle Cloud Dubai Region to operate and manage the upgraded and enhanced electronic medical records system on behalf of KCH Dubai .

This will be one of the first UAE-based cloud deployments by Oracle Cerner in the region . It has the potential to support more than 10,000 concurrent users and will create a new care delivery model that can provide real-time coordination and information exchange among multiple providers , patients and locations across the country .
“ The culture at KCH Dubai is to always strive for enhanced patient and family experiences ,” said Kimberley Pierce , CEO at KCH Dubai . “ We emphasise our decisions to benefit the care seekers and their families in line with regional regulations . This also means challenging ourselves to continually improve processes and optimise expenses to reduce patient bills . We work carefully with global leaders and experts in the regional market to benefit mutually and define new trends in the UAE healthcare industry .”
Himanshu Puri , Head of Information Technology at KCH Dubai , added : “ Healthcare today is heavily dependent on technology and innovation . To provide advanced medical care , hospitals need to evolve to host a large amount of clinical data and build the capability to support preventive and population health objectives . Technology evolves rapidly , and with KCH Dubai ’ s vision of expansion in the region , Oracle Cerner ’ s cloud offering provides a cost-efficient ,
Additional return on investments includes improved system availability with increased service level protection , managed spending on hardware upgrades , storage , servers and licenses as well as proactive monitoring and management of the system . Oracle Cerner will own security and technology elements pertaining to data centres , networks and patching systems . This will facilitate the hospital ’ s expansion plans as more assets will join its integrated healthcare network .
“ KCH Dubai running in the Oracle Cloud Dubai Region will support the area ’ s focus on promoting technology innovation to drive a thriving global hub for governments and healthcare facilities ,” said Alaa Adel , Senior Vice President , Oracle Cerner International . “ Organisations looking for similar capabilities can also leverage the Oracle Cloud Dubai Region .” �
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