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ASICS has revealed exercise can significantly improve cognitive function and advance mental

performance . From boosting short-term memory to increased concentration levels , exercise enhances brain power and could be the solution to helping us pass exams or excel at work .
In a unique experiment , ASICS invited competitive gamers from around the world , specialising in mind games – such as chess , Esports and those who rely on their cognitive function – to start an exercise programme . After four months of regular exercise , their minds were significantly sharpened and they performed at an even higher competitive level .
Participants ’ international gaming rankings improved by an incredible
75 % proving , yet again , the close interplay between our mind and body . The mind gamers ’ cognitive function was boosted on average by 10 %, with problem-solving abilities improving by 9 %, short-term memory increasing by 12 % and processing speed and alertness improving by 10 %.
Group confidence levels increased by 44 %, concentration improved by 33 % and anxiety levels plummeted by 43 %.
The research shows exercise can be as effective at boosting brain function as learning a second language , daily reading , playing a new musical instrument or completing a puzzle every day .
Professor Brendon Stubbs , a renowned researcher in movement and the mind , developed and led the experiment . Each gamer followed a training programme designed by runner-turnedinternational coach , Andrew Kastor .


Quibim , a leading medical imaging technology partner , joins the European Commission ' s European Federation for Cancer Images ( EUCAIM ) project , directing major tasks focused on governance and implementation of the central hub and data federation and interoperability . This first-of-its-kind European ' pan-cancer ' project aims to create an easy-access to cancer images for clinicians , researchers and innovators to streamline cancer diagnosis , treatment and care .

The infrastructure will be populated by observational studies from 21 clinical sites in 12 EU countries . Moreover , the project will include clinical images and their link with pathology , molecular and laboratory data , expanding to at least 30 distributed data providers from 15 countries by the end of the four-year project .
Quibim is strategically positioned in EUCAIM as the first company in funding resources , leveraging its experience implementing QP- Discovery , its imaging and multi-omics platform with cutting-edge technology for transforming imaging data into actionable predictions . Additionally , this project aligns with the company ' s primary goal : to turn imaging into a catalyser of precision medicine .
The company will adapt its platform and provide the marketplace to meet the requirements related to the analysis , annotation and exploitation of data and third-party data transfer services through QP-Discovery . Quibim will lead the EUCAIM Data Preprocessing tools and services contributing to the development of imaging quality control and curation .
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