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completely seamless . Embedded insurance has already become a powerful way to reach new audiences and bridge the protection gap .
Ben Burger , Managing Executive at SilverBridge
However , if it is to be effective , it must be part of the customer purchasing experience when it comes to thirdparty goods . This will provide a seamless customer experience that enhances the value proposition of the insurer . � agent . If consumers are looking for human touchpoints when purchasing just one insurance product , they increasingly need guidance when combining multiple , more complex products . As the risk of being wrong about the type of coverage they need multiplies , customers want to be able to rely on a single source of truth to help them sort out their exposure and figure out how to be adequately covered .’
This makes embedded insurance a perfect fit for people who almost want a ‘ fire and forget ’ experience where the insurance purchasing journey becomes
With extensive experience in designing and implementing solutions for retail and corporate long-term insurers , including pensions and employee benefits , SilverBridge is one of the largest providers of specialised technology solutions to emerging markets . Its experience also includes the development of Artificial Intelligence and robotic process automation solutions not only for insurance but also in the banking industry .
other digital products like concert or plane tickets .
It goes on to write that ‘ while customers are increasingly comfortable with learning about insurance and comparing options online , they are often not ready to make a purchase before consulting with a human
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