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Employers and employees have spent years pursuing the concept of ‘ meaningful work ’, but it ’ s only recently that technology has emerged that can truly support this vision . Rajith Haththotuwegama , Manager – Data Analytics & Automation , Tecala , tells us more .

Meaningful work , as a concept , has been discussed in academia and among people for some time , but it only appeared in the collective consciousness of employees – and employers – over the past two years .

Meaningful work – besides compensation – has been cited as the key motivator in people ’ s careers . According to Deloitte Insights : “ Finance leaders should be intentional about identifying the required skills , behaviours and interactions that equip their workforce to best utilise their newfound capacity to drive value and derive meaning from their work .”
The priorities of employers and employees need to align . Employers know they need to provide opportunities for people to perform meaningful work if they are to successfully attract and retain the best talent . Furthermore , employees want to be given meaningful work that ignites their passion , harnesses their knowledge and challenges them to strive to be better .
However , the two parties are not always in sync on this issue .
Employers may consider what their employees do as ‘ meaningful ’, in the sense that it actively and positively contributes to the company ’ s financial position . Whether or not this work meets an employee ’ s own standard of ‘ meaningful ’ is down to the individual , however , it is one that employers are trying to understand better and address these needs .
I ’ d recommend that employers consider their situation . If you were to step back and look objectively at your role , what would you describe as ‘ meaningful ’ and what might be
‘ mundane ’? More than likely , not everything you do keeps your fire burning brightly . There may be things that cause you to question whether your work is meaningful , such as administrative tasks or customerfacing roles . Consider that , and then the needs of your employees to move forward .
Being purposeful
Employers are becoming much more aware of these issues . They know they must do everything within their power
73 % of financial services employees identified as being ‘ engaged ’ and ‘ emotionally committed to their organisation . www . intelligentfin . tech