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StarCompliance ( Star ), a leader in compliance technology solutions , has launched the Star Secure Data Access , Powered by Snowflake . The solution will provide Star ' s customer base with governed access to data , tools , applications and services that enable a streamlined compliance process . This will reduce risks associated with regulatory breaches and financial penalties , as well as improve the speed and accuracy of conflict-of-interest detection .

" Building the Star Secure Data Access solution on Snowflake is a major milestone in the evolution of our company and supports our global leadership position , as we continue to drive business growth and develop innovative product offerings ," said Jennifer Sun , CEO , StarCompliance . " Our customers now have unprecedented access to data , tools , applications and services that simplify their compliance processes and reduce the risk of reputational damage ."
“ We ' re excited to partner with Star given its role in the compliance industry and the streamlined compliance process our customers will be able to achieve by leveraging the governed access to data , tools , applications and services ,” said Rinesh Patel , Global Head of Financial Services at Snowflake . “ The Snowflake Data Cloud will provide Star and its customer base with secure data-sharing solutions that will enable business-critical outcomes while preserving privacy .”
Industry-leading applications are Powered by Snowflake . By building on Snowflake , product and engineering teams are able to develop , scale , and operate their applications without operational burden , delivering differentiated products to their customers . With the Powered by Snowflake programme , builders get access to resources to help them design , market and operate their applications in the data cloud . �
The Star Secure Data Access solution will integrate with Star ' s future-ready platform , providing clients secure access to data stored within their StarCompliance suite of products . Clients will be able to collaborate locally and globally , revealing new insights and enabling seamless collaboration within an organisation , as well as with its ecosystem of partners , suppliers and customers .
Star has more than 20 years of experience building configurable compliance technology , supporting over 800,000 users across a broad range of financial services and corporate markets . Star ' s employee conflicts of interest monitoring platform are scalable and easy for employees at all levels of an organisation to use – helping financial firms reduce risk , gain efficiencies and drive adoption of their employee compliance programmes .
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