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Many financial services employees are likely to see these savings . Research by Minter Ellison shows that 61 % of Australian financial institutions see technology investment as a path to achieving competitive advantage in the economic bounce-back . The study found that 86 % of respondents said they are interested in automating processes and 71 % in streamlining customer experiences .
What organisations do with that spare time is the ultimate question , but there are many options . It could be reinvested in training and developing the careers and skills of individuals , opening them to new opportunities . It could allow the creation of a Google-like 20 % rule , giving employees time to work on pet projects that could wind up as winning products . It could even be time gets given back to employees for a better work-life balance . The options are endless , but all of these things can increase job satisfaction , employee engagement and loyalty . �
The priorities of employers and employees need to align . www . intelligentfin . tech