Intelligent Data Centres Issue 51 | Page 72

premises infrastructure , you need to invest heavily in physical servers , networking equipment and software licenses to scale up your growing business .
The cloud offers better insights from Big Data
Businesses generate huge volumes of both structured and unstructured data on an everyday basis , collectively known as Big Data .
Deriving valuable insights from Big Data requires cost-effective ways of information processing . On-premises storage systems may not be able to keep up with high-volume data generation in the long run . Even if you try to do everything the traditional way , you need substantial investment in your infrastructure to make this happen .
The cloud drives collaboration efficiency
Cloud computing can also enable great efficiency in the work processes of various organisations . Cloud technology allows collaboration on a much larger scale among employees within an organisation . It allows multiple users from different departments or
Vincent Gaorekwe , CTO at BITanium
geographic locations to access the required information .
The cloud ensures Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
The cloud has dramatically changed how businesses store and retrieve data . This especially comes in handy when
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