Intelligent Data Centres Issue 51 | Page 71


Shifting to the cloud and how enterprises can achieve their data goals

As organisations attempt to efficiently store and operationalise data , understanding how to transition to the cloud is a critical initial step . Vincent Gaorekwe , CTO at BITanium , tells us how companies can cope and succeed alongside the ever-changing data landscape . w

What are key motivators driving organisations ’ shift to the cloud ?
Cloud computing is simple and cost-effective
Scaling up using on-premises infrastructure is an expensive affair . It requires additional investment in hardware , network equipment , software licenses and in-house technicians . When you factor in maintenance installation costs , these expenses go through the roof .
When you move to the cloud , you can eliminate the investment you make in redundant infrastructure . Although cloud computing involves initial setup costs and training , you can achieve economies of scale at a much faster rate compared to on-premises infrastructure . Cost-effectiveness is one of the major reasons businesses across the globe are choosing the cloud over traditional systems .
The cloud is flexible and scalable
One of the major benefits of using the cloud is its scalability . Cloud services can scale up or down very easily based on user requirements . If you use only on- www . intelligentdatacentres . com