Intelligent Data Centres Issue 51 | Page 59

Zayo expands global infrastructure connectivity with fastest direct network From Manchester to New York

Zayo Group Holdings , a leading global communications infrastructure provider , has announced the fastest direct network route connecting Manchester to New York with its new transatlantic route . The route provides a direct subsea cable route to North America that avoids backhauling to global Internet hubs in London and Paris , reducing transatlantic latency and enabling a better user experience .

“ Cultivating an enhanced performance for our customers is at the forefront of Zayo ' s mission ,” said Yannick Leboyer , Europe Chief Operating Officer at Zayo .
“ The new subsea route is Zayo ’ s latest step towards providing fast , reliable infrastructure to connect global Internet hubs both within Europe and to the US . With the fastest transatlantic connection from Manchester , Zayo is well-positioned to handle the increasing capacity demands between these hubs ,
fuelling business innovation and Digital Transformation for our customers .”
The investment marks an additional transatlantic cable for Zayo , connecting Zayo ' s packet IP network between North America and Continental Europe . Offering immediate access to New York , the new subsea cable route provides customers with added diversity and resiliency . As a result , customers in the North of England and across Europe receive faster and more efficient connections to North America .
With Europe being home to five of the 10 largest global Internet hubs , this latest strategic investment supports the growing needs of the European communications infrastructure landscape enabling :
• The UK Government ' s Northern Powerhouse vision for a supercharged , globally connected northern economy .
• A faster , northern-based direct gateway for the independent Internet Exchanges in the North of England and Scotland .
• More resilience and reliability in the north . By upgrading the Manchester Internet gateway and leveraging capacity from Zayo ’ s huge Zeus subsea cable , it has added a direct route to Amsterdam . This gives its customers three Internet routes ; from Manchester to the US , Dublin and the Netherlands . This complements the three routes it also has to London .
• A direct gateway for Manchester to attract both large enterprises and innovative new start-ups as Manchester is the UK ’ s second ‘ technology city ’ after London .
• Lowered latency for customers in the Netherlands as the new Manchester transatlantic route acts as an alternative path for all packet traffic in Amsterdam , by avoiding the heavy traffic centres of London and Paris . Amsterdam is the third largest Internet hub in the world .
• Resilience to the UK ' s Internet backbone – no longer reliant on London as so many other IP networks are . �
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