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STL among world ’ s first companies to develop 180 micron optical fibre

STL , a leading optical and digital solutions company , has announced that it has developed its slimmest fibre yet – a 180 micron optical fibre . This fibre enables the smallest diameters in cables with the highest fibre densities . STL showcased a next-generation microcable with 288 fibres capable of being deployed in 8 mm ducts , at FTTH Conference 2023 , in Madrid , Spain . STL is among the first companies globally and the first in India to develop this industryleading product .

This high-density microcable provides the best of both worlds to operators and installers . The 180 micron G657 A2 fibre combines bend-insensitive properties with a fully backward-compatible cable design which makes it a ‘ ready to deploy ’ innovation in the optical industry .
As the service providers densify the network with more fibre , duct space will be a precious asset . That is where STL ’ s highdensity microcable will help operators to pack more capacity in limited duct space , thereby reducing costs and deployment times . Remarking on the compelling need for this product , Jitendra Balakrishnan , CTO Optical Networking , STL , said : “ If it ’ s a problem for the end customers , operators or installers – it ’ s a problem worth solving for us . We need to make extremely smart use of the limited duct space in high- and medium-density areas , for rollouts to be fast and cost-effective . Our product is going to deliver just that .”
This announcement comes after a series of product innovations by STL . Recently , the company developed India ’ s first multicore fibre with 4X capacity . STL was the first company to launch Stellar – an A2 bend-insensitive fibre with full backward compatibility and among the top two companies globally to bring IBR ( Intelligently bonded ribbon ) cable technology into mainstream networks .
Along with the marquee 180 micron fibre and microcable , STL also showcased its integrated optical fibre offering at the FTTH Conference 2023 . STL ’ s pre-connectorised optical connectivity kits – OPTO-BLAZE and OPTO-BOLT – come with plug-and-play capabilities for faster and easier installation and its OPTO-DOP ’ s is another unique design that eliminates the need to provision traditional cable coils at drop locations . This is a perfect solution for hassle-free , on-demand connectivity , according to STL .
Speaking about this development , Paul Atkinson , CEO Optical Networking , STL , said : “ The amount of fibre the world needs is immense . R & D and innovation in fibre design will be , according to us , the most important driver for future-ready networks . We are intensely focused on product innovations that will enable fibreisation in a scalable , faster and cost-effective way . STL ’ s high-density microcable and integrated optical connectivity offerings will deliver a lot of value for our customers . I am also very excited about the fact that it will significantly reduce the plastic in the ground and contribute to our customers ’ sustainability goals .” � www . intelligentdatacentres . com