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Data Centre Operations and Service Readiness Manager , Shamim Mohamed . “ The EkkoSense team conducted an initial survey that suggested we could initially unlock a combined 196 kW saving – equating to an annual energy saving of 1,716,960 kWh .
“ We set a 10-week timeframe for the project and were pleased that EkkoSense was able to deliver the initial optimisation phase in just six weeks ,” added Mohamed . “ With the EkkoSoft Critical software fully deployed , the thermal optimisation project performed ahead of our initial expectations , with the data centre cooling savings alone enabling us to meet our corporate energy savings targets for our legacy sites . This has enabled us to target annual energy savings of around £ 233,000 – meaning we ’ ve also been able to target an overall project ROI of under 12 months . Taking advantage of the powerful Cooling Advisor AI-driven embedded advisory tool within EkkoSoft Critical will also help ensure we keep our cooling optimisation on track going forward .”
EkkoSense ’ s powerful Machine Learning and AI-powered optimisation technology works by analysing thousands of
temperature and cooling points in realtime across Three ’ s legacy data centre sites to identify where levels of cooling can be tweaked . The software also increases the level of thermal insight available to the operations team , helping to uncover areas of thermal risk that were not being picked up by BMS systems .
EkkoSoft Critical delivers quantifiable reductions in cooling energy usage , helping data centres to reduce energy consumption at a time when electricity prices have never been higher .
Shamim Mohamed , Data Centre Operations and Service Readiness Manager , Three ; Derval O ’ Brien , Sustainability Manager , Three UK & I ; and Dean Boyle , CEO , EkkoSense , offer some colour to the story and discuss the business benefits .
How is Three being proactive about reducing its environmental impact and how has EkkoSense enhanced your sustainability roadmap ?
O ’ Brien : Earlier this year we launched our sustainability strategy . We have five goals within the strategy and they ’ re organised underneath three pillars : our planet ; our people ; and our business . Underneath the planet pillar , we have two goals – one of which is to take action on climate change . This is all about reducing our emissions and trying to identify ways to reduce our energy and EkkoSense plays a key part in that .
Our parent company , CK Hutchison Group Telecoms , has set science-based targets as part of our emissions reduction plan and EkkoSense plays a key role in achieving these .
How has improved cooling efficiency helped to optimise your data centre energy performance ?
Mohamed : The initial site survey and the targets that were out there as part of the site survey was something like 196 kW of cooling reduction . So EkkoSense , working alongside our partner , did a site survey and said they could achieve under the 196 . At the end of the project , they were able to achieve even more , which means quicker savings , which means business case and return on
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