Intelligent Data Centres Issue 51 | Page 19




See the killer thermal risk before it kills your data center operations

Hidden thermal issues rank as the second largest cause of data center loss of service - accounting for almost a third of unplanned data center outages .
Remove thermal and power risk with EkkoSense and avoid costly downtime with 100 % ASHRAE thermal compliance and comprehensive power monitoring to prevent tiny dropouts developing into big outages .
Just another benefit of award winning AI-enabled real-time data center optimization from EkkoSense ...
Lowered carbon emissions
Reduced energy consumption
Released cooling capacity
Real-time operational visibility
Delivered within weeks
ROI 12 to 24 months
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ekkosense . com
Austin 8-11 May 2023
Silicon Valley 26-27 June 2023
Virginia 6-7 November 2023